The International Group of Trauma Informed Psychotherapy Specialisation (IGPS) was established in 2009 to develop and maintain the highest standard of professional excellence in trauma informed psychotherapy, couple’s psychotherapy, family psychotherapy and group psychotherapy. Our therapeutic framework is psychobiological, specifically that which has its origins in psychoanalytic theory such as object relations, Psychodynamic psychotherapy, attachment research and models of neuroscience such as interpersonal neurobiology. IGPS is a professional membership organization comprised of members whose clinical work is based upon and specialised in the practice and further development of psychodynamic psychotherapy and trauma informed psychobiological orientated psychotherapy. Membership of the organization is free and open only to those whose personal and professional experience meets with the criteria set out in the accreditation section of this website and whose practice work is in conformity with the code of ethics and practice of the organization. See code of Ethics.

The Primary Object of the IGPS is to advance Freudian and Kleinian psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychotherapy to include clinical developments in psychotherapy over the last 5 decades including the latest in trauma informed therapy concepts, developmental trauma research and the Polyvagal Theory which we see as key areas of relevance in addressing challenging presentations and current new approaches in Psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychotherapy. In particular in keeping with the classic psychoanalytic thought, this advancement shall remain centered on the popular psychoanalytic theories such as transference and countertransference central to psychodynamic psychotherapy but including the exploration of such behavioral phenomenon through the lens of the latest research in neuroscience, affect regulation and attachment research. Another goal of IGPS is to provide advanced therapeutic training, professional accreditation and personal & professional development settings for psychotherapists, psychotherapy students and other practicing professionals in similar fields.

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